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Our employees are the power of the company. Due to the politeness, conscientiousness, experience and knowledge, we are one of the most flourishing polish moving companies. Our success is a result of great preparation and cooperation of all the organizational levels of the company, which apart from being an effective organism also creates a harmonious team.

Management staff: Our management staff comprises of the top experts, who have been active in the sector for many years. The management staff is comprised of the following employees:

Krzysztof Smolenski
1994-2000 General Manager in Allied Pickfords Poland
2000-2006 International Moving Director in Allied Pickfords Poland
2006- until present  ARKPOL  Managing Director
e-mai: ksmolenski@arkpol.com


Aleksander Redkie
1987- until now Owner of ARKPOL Group



Administration and technical staff: Operating employees are a significant element of the company`s effectiveness. Our  operating level managers also have experience in moving. They are open, polite and eager to respond to any questions from you.

Jakub Bielecki
General Manager  
e-mail: jbielecki@arkpol.com
tel. 502-186-923

Jakub Paliński
Move Manager- Imports
e-mail: jpalinski@arkpol.com
tel. 500-224-774

Sebastian Kowalewski
Move Manager
e-mail: skowalewski@arkpol.com
tel. 512-930-838

Robert Wojtecki
Fleet & Purchase Administration Manager
e-mail: rwojtecki@arkpol.com
tel. 512-931-114

Robert Dobkowski
General Project Manager
e-mail: rdobkowski@arkpol.com
tel. 506-191-587

Michał Rosłoniec
Project Manager
e-mail: mosloniec@arkpol.com
tel. 506-224-294

Magdalena Rybak
Head of the Relocation Division
e-mail: mrybak@arkpol.com
tel. 512-930-669

Sylwia Kopera
Head of Finance & Office Department
e-mail: skopera@arkpol.com
tel. 508-908-245

Jolanta Janowska
Specjalista ds. kadr i płac
e-mail: jjanowska@arkpol.com
tel. 798-719-320

Klaudia Nguyen Trong
Office Manager
e-mail: knguyentrong@arkpol.com
tel. 504-231-722

Lena Short
Head of International Projects
e-mail: lenashort@arkpol.com
tel. 539-735-648

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